The virtuoso musician, singer, and songwriter will bring his talents to the Egg in 2022.
If there is one thing ya gotta love bout the Egg (Besides seeing a show in a giant egg!) is that they bring in an eclectic mix of artists and shows, many of which are some of the most respected and talented artists in their genres.

All those facets apply to Country legend Marty Stuart who will be performing at the Egg at the Empire State Plaza with his band the Fabulous Superlatives in Albany Sunday, January 30th. This show will be unique as well as VIP tickets will include a pre-show performance and Q and A Storytelling session.

Now the question and answer part will be up to you in the audience, and you have to imagine the storytelling could be riveting. Marty is not only a great Country musician but a Country music historian with a well-educated and unique view of the genre. Marty has worked with everyone from Johnny Cash to Earl Scruggs to Travis Tritt, so you have to guess he has a multitude of experiences and career happenings to draw from for those stories. It will surely make for an entertaining evening for the diehard Capital Region Country Fan.

Tickets and VIP tickets including the pre-show event are on sale now at the Egg website.

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