I don't know if everyone notices, but I always seem to notice that during the Holiday Season, peoples moods seem to hit both extreme highs and extreme lows.  If your rockin'  the highs right now, awesome!  But if your one of the many that sees the Holidays as a source of stress or depression, you are not alone.

Many people experience a lot of stress during the Holidays maybe its affording gifts, finding time to shop, preparing for Family visits, even trying to find the right gifts for the people you love.  Remember stress is stress, whether its good stress or bad.  It takes a toll on your body, mind and spirit.

Then there's the depression that can come when you are missing a family member.  Maybe a soldier who is over seas.  Maybe a loved one that recently passed or was always a large part of your Holiday experiences.  Sometimes its just the absolute worst time to be alone.

No matter what your situation its important to remember, although it may sound trite, it could be worse.   I am sure that no matter what your circumstances are, you can find some good things in your life to be thankful for.  Heck even waking up in the morning means "Hey I got a shot".  Some don't.

Once a day, count your blessings.  maybe its, you got your health or that one great friend who is always there for you.  Maybe its that you have a job in times when so many are unemployed or even the roof over your head when some are homeless.  If you try and practice you can come with so many things you just forget to look at everyday.  As a species we tend to concentrate on the bad and the things we feel we need to fix or improve.  You have a right to sit back once in a while and say, "Hey, I'm doing the best I can , and that's ok.  I'm ok."  And by all means, remember to give yourself a break!   Too many of us expect way more from ourselves than we do those around us. 

And lastly , if you really do want to cure the Holiday blues and relieve the stress.  Once you've made yourself feel better and you know that your ok.  Let others know they are as well.  Tell someone they are a great help to you and you appreciate them.  Tell someone you admire their hard work. Heck, tell someone they look nice in that blouse, or hat.  And if you count your blessings and you realize that maybe in one way or another , you have some to spare, spread the wealth!  If you have extra money, give to a charity, if you have extra time help others.  Even if you have some extra joy, spread that around as well!  You will be amazed how much good the smallest of gestures can do for others, and in return ... to you.

I know life isn't always easy.  Especially this time of year. But I think if you try to both, see and be a light in the darkness you'll find thing are always a little brighter than you imagined.  Keep Smiling, and Happy Holidays.

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