I've done it before and am prepared do it again!  I bought a new tent and canteen, so I'm all set.  (Just kidding - all I bring is my keyboard and recording device).  Why? I want to write a song with campers and air it on the Sean and Richie Show!

photo by Cindy Elliott

This was a camp group in Niskayuna from last year. Loved it - plus it was outside in a real campsite.  Of course I'd rather do that, but if your "camp" is in a regular classroom, that's cool too.   We come up with an idea, write it and record it.  It's that simple.  The song airs on the station and goes right here in the "article" section of our website.  You can include photos and videos too if you'd like.

My best days to do this seems to be Thursday or Friday, and I would come around 11am.  The program lasts an hour or so.  If interested, please let me know by contacting me here- Richie@wgna.com