If you have a house in Colonie, you may want to remember this name because this convicted killer and sex offender has served his time and may now live in your neighborhood.

Peter Mattioli spent 44 years in Woodbourne Sullivan Correctional Facility in Sullivan County. He was convicted for the murder, attempted rape, and sexual assault of a 10 year old, according to News10 ABC. Mattioli is under parole for the rest of his life and will continuously be checked by the police at his sister's Sunset Boulevard, Colonie residence where he will be living.

The two main issues people have with this man is that first, neighbors weren't notified that he would be moving in to that neighborhood and second, since he committed those crimes so long ago, he will not be identified as a sex offender and therefore will not be found on the official registry.

Those who live on Colonie's Sunset Boulevard are obviously unhappy about this new surprise to their otherwise quiet neighborhood. To put it into context, because he's not on the registry he will then not only be able to move close to schools but will not have to tell neighbors of his past offenses.

Someone made the comment on the WTEN Facebook page that because he was there for so long, he learned his lesson the hardway. Does that mean we should be able to trust him in our neighborhoods? Would you?

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