To all near 34 Freeman's Bridge Road- time to pour the champagne.  It looks like you've passed the test.
It was a health test from the Department of Environmental Conservation given to 34 acres in this area of Glenville.
According to the Times Union, they've been really working to clean the area of contaminants. Back in the day a certain company- (and I'm not gonna mention names, cuz right now that's water-I mean oil- under the bridge), but THEY  were accustomed to emptying out 55 gallon drums of gunk into the soil.  Hey, when I was a kid we used to dump our used oil in a hole on the beach on eastern Long Island - noone knew the difference.  (Not defending them- don't get me wrong, but there was a totally different mentality back then then). Thank God we've learned a thing or two.
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It is a worry, because the Mohawk is very close to the area, and there are homes there!
It's important to get this area clean so they can develop in conjunction with the upcoming Casino.   I guess it's been given the okay by the state now, so you may see some construction going on there very soon