Today my good friend Richie wore something that I just had to comment on. It's one of those small things that many "older" men do not seem to understand yet it's such a simple and fixable fashion mistake. That is wearing white calf socks with shorts and sneakers.


It isn't as bad as socks with sandals, but it just isn't cool. Now, if you want to hike your pants up to your belly button, put on a dress shirt and shorts and rock the calf socks that's ok, you have clearly given up and want the world to know it. But if you want to look good, go buy at the very least ankle socks.

So that's just one of my pet peeves and in fairness I also had to be "told" to know not to do this. So I'm wondering what are the big fashion mistakes you have seen and you wish you could tell the person but didn't know them well enough , or just didn't want to offend them? Maybe, women who wear clothes too tight, or loose? "Big" hair fresh out of the 80's? Bad color matches?

Let me know what you think, drop me a comment at the bottom of this page.


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