I hate clothes shopping. Like many people, trying on clothes and seeing how the sizes don't fit me is a terrible feeling, until a recent trip which completely changed my perspective.

I'm used to walking around Target and seeing clothes I wished fit me the way they fit on mannequins. A girl can dream but, let's be honest, I'm never going to look like the stereotypical supermodel even though that's the perfection shoved in my face. I see myself in the mirror and see that my arms are too big or I don't have the "thigh gap" and I can tell myself that I'm thankful that I'm healthy but I can't shake the feeling that I'm not "perfect" sometimes. Until something I saw the other day completely changed my opinion.

I was walking through Target last week (as I do pretty frequently) and for whatever reason I looked to my left as I headed to the electronics section. I was drawn to this mannequin that I'd never seen before. Instead of the unobtainable supermodel-esque mannequin physique, I saw myself. I saw a mannequin that looked closer to my body type and what drew me even further were the clothes. Target wasn't hiding this mannequin in sweats or a long flowy skirt with a baggy shirt, this more full-figured mannequin was wearing a crop tank top and shorts - she was showing skin!

In this mannequin, I saw a person who was proud of their shape no matter what society deemed as "perfection." I saw someone who looks more like me wearing clothes I thought I couldn't because of my body type. I didn't end up leaving the store buying a crop top rushing to put it on but I was proud to see that Target is embracing all body types. Tall, short, big, small, black, white, disabled, or not - everyone should have that moment where they see themselves represented in stores!

Jessica Sims/Townsquare Media
Jessica Sims/Townsquare Media

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