This is one big commercial for Colonie, New York.  Almost all of the information that I got for this song mentioned a business of one type or another, so I decided to give you all free plugs (much to the dismay of our hard working sales department - I'm sure I'll hear about this later - gulp!)   Anyway, on to the song

When you think "Boogie", I think "Boot Scootin Boogie"by Brooks and Dunn, so I decided to go that route.   But jamming in all these businesses in a short little song was a challenge.   I could easily do a "part 2" of this song if I get inundated again.  I'll leave that invitation open.

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Colonie -here's your song with lyrics to follow.

Colonie Business Boogie
 Some folks complain in the town of Colonie
it's a place around here without it's own identity
some people call it Schenectady some others call it Albany
It's just one big sprawling place to live to shop
so it's time for me to stop
and sing the colonie business boogie
There's a couple of nice malls, that we all know
and energy solutions provided by Munro
Heather Eddings Photography and the best Pizza ever Sara Bella
and if learning the cha cha is what you'd like to know
theres the Dance Dimensions Dancing Studio
it's the Colonie business boogie
everyone's raving bout
RJ Allen Paving  boogie
(if there's a) fridge or stove you need
check out Cornwell... or Greens yea boogie
For YOur Canvenience
you can recycle your cans GENIUS
You can't get a massage at the Colonie Garage
that would be strange
but I can tell you from experience they're a great a place to get your oil changed
the biggest money maker if you will
is the landfill
do the boogie
Get your knowledge at the Bryant and Stratton college
Do the
Colonie Business Boogie
Financial Service from William Tell
(did I do this well?)
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