Who doesn't love to witness greatness? It could be just about anything, if I'm watching the best in the world go at in basket weaving, I'm entertained! Since the start of the women's NCAA tournament back in 1982, the UConn women's basketball team has had 6 (SIX) undefeated seasons.  If they make it through the regional games in Albany this Saturday (and potentially Monday night) they'll be 2 wins away from their 12th National Championship. They'll be in town over the weekend and having seen them play before, I'm telling you that watching the Huskies play is truly a thing of beauty and we're fortunate to host them in our backyard Saturday afternoon versus Duke.

Buffalo vs. South Carolina: 11:30AM

UConn vs. Duke: 2:00PM

The UConn women's basketball team is 34-0 and they're slashing and dashing their way to their 7th undefeated season. For every other women's basketball team NOT named UConn, their have been a total of three undefeated seasons in that span...total!  They average a championship a remarkable once every 3 years, and one every other year since 1995.  There is no denying that they are the gold standard of college athletics (women and men) and UConn's dominance is as impressive as any of the great team dynasties that any sport has ever seen.  That includes the Patriots, Yankees, Montreal Canadiens, UCLA men's hoops in the late 60's/70's (and any and all of the other great dynasties I may have left out) and one can argue that theirs is the most impressive.

Spend the afternoon at the TU Center in Albany on Saturday with your friends and family and witness the energy, the excitement, and the great college basketball dynasty that us the UConn women's basketball team.


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