Have you ever had a neighbor that didn’t take care of their yard and you wanted to do something about it?

Lawn Mower

One Saratoga Springs man got tired of this happening and  decided to do something about it. It ended up getting him into trouble with the law.

63-year-old Jay Tucker had some neighbors that didn’t mow their lawns for a while, while some others kept loose stuff piled up on the side of their garages where everyone could see it.

He allegedly made up some special greeting cards and left them for those neighbors with the yard issues. On one side, the cards stated “Greetings from Saratoga Springs Code Enforcement, while on the other side it would give the so-called violation with a suggestion about how to correct the issue.

Tucker claims that he called code enforcement several times but apparently nothing was done. In the story from News 10 ABC, Tucker ended up getting into trouble and was charged with Impersonating A City Official.

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