I pass this old dilapidated buidling almost every day while traveling on 787 and it grabs my attention in the way a bad accident would.  I can't "not" look at it. Why hasn't it been torn down?

The Central Warehouse has been glaring back at us for years; smack dab in the heart of most people's travels in and out of downtown Albany.  Search "Albany's ugliest building" and this is sure to be one of the first images you see.  According to reports this grey, weathered, burned down eyesore would cost an estimated 1.5 million to tear down, making it's financially not feasible.

The building was purchased in 2011 by Sunmark Federal Credit Union for $500,000, they tried to sell it at nearly two times that amount, only to recently be looking for a buyer at under $200,000. Is Albany's Ugliest Building worth blowing up to add housing, a skate park, or even a shopping area? Is it even safe to do so?  Time will tell.

It is prime real estate, however, and one that we can't take our eyes off of.

Albanys Ugliest Building





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