In an attempt to make property owners in Gloversville keep their property maintained, the city of Gloversville may be conducting a major crack down with some possible penalties.

Lawn Mower

Property owners could be paying what could add up to major penalties or fines if the property is abandoned or isn’t cleaned up. Those penalties could cost the property owner as much as $250 dollars a day.

Gloversville Mayor Dayton King will be at a city council meeting to present the penalty. He wants to rid the Glove City of its blight, and wants penalties given for things like unkempt and unruly lawns.

If this happens, the homeowner would receive a citation and seven day warning in the mail, and if nothing is done, the Department Of Public Works will mow the lawn at the owner’s expense.

There will also be penalties for the winter, including keeping snowy walkways clean. In the story from News 10 ABC, people that rent could possibly have the fine passed onto them from the landlord.

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