Imagine buying a piece of property on a mountain that has several structures and unbelievable views from the mountain top.

Mt McGregor
Mt McGregor - Google Street View

This little piece of paradise, which is part of the foothills of The Adirondack Mountains, has had quite a history with its past owners. At one time, it was a sanitarium for tuberculosis patients. Later, it was converted into a medium security state prison - Mount McGregor Correctional Facility. The prison was closed by New York State last year.

Now, The New York State Economic Development Office is looking for people to submit bids to purchase the 325 acre property. According to the story from Newschannel 13 (WNYT), proposals for the property can be submitted until Tuesday, July 7.

Maybe it could be converted into a resort, complete with kinds of amenities, and a banquet hall. Maybe it could become a campground. There could be plenty of campsites for tents or rv's,There are plenty of structures that could actually be used as cabins.

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