Bellini's Italian Eatery in Clifton Park may be moving out but space is being replaced by The Bunker an indoor golf high-end simulator establishment. If you have ever eaten at Bellini's in Clifton Park, the decor will be similar and provide The Bunker with food and beverage service.

Although the weather is perfect to go golfing, The Bunker will allow golf enthusiasts to play year-round and get out of the summer heat. Plus you can play the best courses from all over the country. This isn't your typical indoor golf facility. The Bunker will have mahogany throughout, polished brass, leather chairs, and plush rugs. They will also feature a replica of the iconic Butler Cabin fireplace. This is the same fireplace that is at the home of the Masters' golf tournament at Augusta National in Georgia according to the Albany Business Review.

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I have eaten at Bellini's for many years and enjoyed their food and the ambiance. I was happy to learn that they will still be close by in the Village Plaza off of Clifton Country Road. They will open a Bellini's Counter which will be takeout, delivery, and catering. They will have pasta, salads, wraps, and other takeout items. Bith Bellini's restaurant and Bellini's Counter are excellent eateries.

Renovations will begin soon for The Bunker and they hope to open sometime in August. They are also eyeing another Bunker location in Saratoga Springs. The hope is to open that location sometime in November with food provided by Jacob and Anthony's.

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