Looks like Hollywood took notice at how great Upstate New York is for movies. After the announcement of "A Quiet Place 2," another movie was filmed in the area.

New York Upstate has announced that the upcoming movie "Crypto" was filmed in the Hudson Valley of Upstate New York. The movie, starring Kurt Russell, Alexis Bledel, Luke Hemsworth and Beau Knapp takes a look at cybercrime with the rise in interest in cryptocurrency.

The producer commented that the movie is 95% filmed in Upstate New York because of the New York State film tax credits and the ability to film in smaller, undisclosed locations unnoticed. Russell's character is a potato farmer and they were able to find that Upstate, as the producer said, "You would never imagine this is Upstate NY."

If you want to check out the movie and see if you recognize any of the Hudson Valley locations they filmed, the movie will be in theaters and on-demand starting April 12th. The trailer is currently available.

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