Every Saturday night in the 80's, we would gather around the TV to watch our favorite crime show. It centered around real life stories and it asked for the public's help. Now it is getting a reboot with new crimes to solve. When the theme for Unsolved Mysteries played, it sent chills through my whole body and I couldn't wait to hear the story so I could help solve the crime. According to News 10 ABC, Netflix is rebooting my favorite true crime show with new episodes.

The original co-creators of Unsolved Mysteries, Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove, are on board for the reboot. They say that each of the twelve new episodes will ask for the help of the viewers to solve the mysteries.

The new series will follow the show from the 1980's but nothing can replace the voice of Robert Stack that scarred me to the bone. Were you like me? Did you always hope there was an update to the story where they found the person or the criminal?

No word on when it will begin, but I can't wait!

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