Whenever restaurants start changing menus, you never know if it's going to be the best decision they ever made or the end of something you love. Chipotle is testing a new menu change and starting in New York.

In my opinion, there are just enough options at Chipotle where I can have a variety but don't have to decide between too many things. Starting in New York City, according to Fox News, Chipotle will be testing quinoa as a menu option.

High in fiber, great superfood, it will be "with red and gold quinoa tossed with a little citrus juice, cumin, and freshly chopped cilantro." First, they add queso last September, now they're adding quinoa, could next be different varieties of spice in their guacamole. Medium guac, I'm keeping my hopes up for you next!

No word yet on if quinoa will make its way upstate to us but for now, it's at the test kitchen and that already looks good to me!

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