This is one of those stories that you see in the news happening in other places and could never imagine happening here, until it does, until now.

An Inside Edition hidden camera investigation found a secret commune in Cambridge, NY where children as young as 9 are working in a labor camp. The children were packaging high-end lotions and creams for well-known brands and sold by well-known retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

Apparently, this labor camp is religion-based and call themselves the "Twelve Tribes." Two past members are to thank for speaking out about this group right here in Upstate New York. According to one of the past members, “In the Twelve Tribes, beatings are a way of life every single day" to keep the children "under control." Now that this story has come out, these retail chains like Target and Walmart are investigating and taking these products off of their websites.

During the investigation, Inside Edition used a former member to ask the ages of these children working the assembly line, some of which weren't older than 10-years-old. The camera caught one father telling his daughter "it was OK to talk because she wasn’t speaking to an investigator from the Department of Labor."

No word on what will happen to this commune now, Inside Edition along with the former members speaking out just want the word out there and for people to know what's happening at that camp, pretty much in our backyard!

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