Finally, there is a snack that is paired off with a wine that everyone can get behind and enjoy. Get ready for the best wine and cheese pairing ever that you can purchase starting today. According to News 10 ABC, Kellogg's is giving you the chance to enjoy your favorite snack, Cheez-Its and a box of wine sold together. Starting today (July 25th) you can get the Cheez-It and wine box from House Wine combo.

You can purchase the pack of the regular flavor Cheez-Its and an Original Red Blend box of House wine for just twenty-five dollars HERE. This offer isn't going to be around long and doesn't go live until 5pm today (July 25th).

Even though you can only get the original Cheez-Its with the box of wine, here are some suggestions from Kellogg's and House Wine for pairings of the other flavors of Cheez-Its and House Wine.

White Cheddar Cheez-Its with Rose, Chardonnay with the Sharp Cheddar/Parmesan Cheez-Itz Duos, and Zesty Cheddar Ranch with Malbec. You're welcome!

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