There is something so charming about this video, perhaps because the whole time I watched it I thought "Oh my God , this could totally be my Father in Law!"  It got me thinking it could anyone's Dad simply having a great time with technology even though he has no idea how to operate it correctly, maybe even yours.

Apparently, this guy from Ireland was going to take a trip to Las Vegas and his adult son let him borrow his GoPro and selfie stick but while his Dad could clearly figure out how to turn it on and off , and provide amazing commentary, he could not figure out that it was pointed the wrong way.

Now yes there are times I feel like he kind of has an idea of how it works , meaning that he can see himself in the screen, but then I thought again about the adults that I know in life and figured, no he must have thought that was a separate screen? I'm not sure but I do know it's funny.

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