Could we finally be getting closer to having some competition for Spectrum to lower your monthly internet bill? It seems that way!

I think pretty much every household in the Capital Region is in the same boat. You cut the cord years ago going only with internet service from your cable provider to save money. Yet, slowly but surely that internet bill has crept up through the years. I know because I have gone through the same thing.

Could Relief From High Priced Internet Be On the Way?

The answer is a resounding yes for a couple of Saratoga Country communities. And hopefully, this is starting a trend that will spread like wildfire through towns and cities across the Capital Region.

Recently we reported Saratoga Springs had a new internet alternative on the way, and now so does Clifton Park.  News 10 is reporting Greenlight Networks will be bringing its fiber optic internet service to the town in 2022. And here is the best part: it will only cost $50 a month and it will be 5 times faster than cable internet! So cheaper and faster; that is a huge win-win! Greenlight is based in Rochester and touts their internet service as the "fastest in New York."

Now on the flip side, this could create some price adjustments if you subscribe to Spectrum. In the long run, they will not want to lose customers, so if you stick with them - you could be seeing lower internet prices next year regardless of what service you use. Ultimately, for the consumer, competition is a beautiful thing!

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