The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has finally published survival guidelines in case of the impending zombie apocalypse, complete with blogs, posters and a graphic novella.

The zombie craze has finally reached the federal government. The CDC says on their website that people who are prepared for the zombie apocalypse will be more prepared in general for any other kind of emergency (like a fire or natural disaster). The CDC included these items to include in a survival kit:

- Water storage containers (1 gallon per person)

-Flashlights/ batteries

- Blankets/ coats

- Change of clothes for each person

- 1st Aid Kit

- Non-perishable Food

- Copy of license, birth certificates and important documents

- Battery powered radio

We would probably add weapons, weapons, and more weapons. CDC posters for the home or office are available to download and print for a limited time, which features this sexy girl here:

Based on this fan picture posted on my Facebook- turns out Walmart has also joined the trend by selling "emergency food supply."

facebook/ JeffLevack
facebook/ JeffLevack

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