20 years ago, I was just 12-years old. I can remember the news reports though the day of after Christmas in 1996. It seemed to blow up in the media almost immediately, which given the lack of Hollywood stardom seemed a little peculiar but given the age of little JonBenet, maybe it wasn't so strange.

She was just 6-years old, after all and it was the day after Christmas. A day that I'm sure was exciting and filled with such happiness, which has been seen within so much of the footage throughout the years. But so many questions still remain.

I've been watching the documentaries that keep popping up in the last few years due to the anniversary and my mind is blown. I can totally get why no one has been arrested and charged with this poor little girls murder. Between, what seems to be the moving of evidence and the possible contamination of the crime scene, to the media making things up, to the family just being plain weird it's difficult to come to any conclusion.

It did always strike me as odd that JonBenet's 9-year old brother, Burke basically seemed to disappear once the investigation was going on. We're only now seeing tapes of him being questioned by police and his, in my opinion slightly off behavior. It's always lead me to believe that he may have had something to do with it.

My theory is he was jealous of all of the attention his little sister would get from her pageants and all they entailed that he finally snapped that night. Once the parents realized what had happened, they didn't want to lose another child, so they instead did all they could to cover it up. Or did they?

Dr Phil sat down this past week with Burke in his first media interview ever in the 20 years since the murder and it was very, very awkward.

Why is he smiling throughout this interview? Laughing in dark places? Did he do it? Does he know who did? What do you think? It was one of the biggest stories of the last two decades and now due to technology and wonder, maybe we'll finally get some answers.

CBS is getting ready to put out another 2-part documentary on the murder but announced that it has shortened it by two hours due to the abundance of other specials about the murder airing as of late. CBS will air their special be airing September 18th 8:30pm and 19th 9pm.

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