Voicemails From Mama: Chia Head Trump
My dad is a huge Trump supporter and for Christmas I thought he might get a kick out of a Donald Trump Chia head.  On Christmas, he acted as if he loved it, telling me how he could't wait to put it in his barber shop. But somewhere along the line, I started hearing grumblings about how my father did…
Chase Rice Backstabbed By The Bachelor Tells GNA "I Hate Reality
Country star Chase Rice thought that he'd be able to use ABC's The Bachelor as a way to promote some music and help his brand.  What he didn't realize was that he was being set-up by producers to provide a high tension, dramatic moment on the reality show watched by millions each week religiously.  …
This Old Photo of Derek Jeter Playing In Albany Is Everything
An all-time great Yankee and now Hall of Famer, Derek Jeter had a nice little run playing ball right in our backyard. I got chills when I saw this cool picture (possibly as a teenager) of the Captain wearing an AC Yankees jersey with 'Albany' proudly stitched across the chest.
The Queen Released A Formal Statement and She's Pissed
The Queen can't be happy right now.  You know she's stomping the dust off the floors of Buckingham Palace after she basically found out through social media that her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Dutchess of Sussex Meghan Markle basically want nothing to do with them anymore.  I mean, part of m…
Country Star's 'Trashy' Take On Current NFL (Audio)
Country star Jimmie Allen pulled no punches while making some NFL picks with Brian and Chrissy in the morning on GNA.  In town for the CMT on Tour show with Michael Ray last week, the 'Last Shot' singer took a big shot at the Cowboys, Giants, Jets, Bills and more in the week 15 editio…
Local Emmy Winner Vows To Re-Open Hometown Cinemas
This has feel-good story written all over it, just like a Hollywood script: 'Local Emmy winner re-opens the closed down cinema complex he worked at as a kid!' Far-fetched...maybe. But most people in the Amsterdam-Johnstown- Gloversville area seem to believe in this movie miracle.

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