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14 Underappreciated Things I'm Thankful For
Thanksgiving. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the whole concept of 'giving thanks' is weird.  We don't really 'give' thanks. We may express or verbalize what we are thankful for, or show appreciation toward the things in our lives we may normally take for granted, but I for one have never given …
5 Things You Have to Get Your Schenectady Friend for Christmas
Having a hard time finding the perfect gift for your friend from Schenectady? You want it to be a little personalized but you don't want it to be too expensive, right? Take it from this Schenectadian, here are a few things you can get for them right now and cross them off the list!
Local Residents Crap On Dog Doo Policy
Some local residents at an apartment complex in Niskayuna have already had their dog swabbed for DNA purposes, others downright refuse, and some dog owners feel like they're part of some sort of prank.
As many as three local apartment complexes in the area are attempting (or have already started) to …
A.C. Moore Stores to Close
A.C. Moore Arts and Crafts will close all of its locations nationwide. There is a plan for a handful of their stores but the store as we know it is going out of business.
Favorite Dog Coming Back to TV
There is a big loveable dog that is making a comeback to a television near you. It's one of the most beloved cartoon dogs from everyone's childhood.
NY Best for Fall Photos
Living near the Adirondacks and the beautiful fall foliage, I was surprised to find out that New York state hasn't finished first in three years. Now New York is the champion and it's well deserved.
Kudos To Coach Gattuso and The UA Football Team
Big shout-out to U Albany head football coach Greg Gattuso and the Great Danes for receiving an automatic bid into the College Football Championship tournament.  Coach Gattuso has become a favorite of mine and Chrissy's throughout the years and while we're happy for him professionally, we're even mo…
Love Cowboy Tries To Jump-Start Stale Hubby
Caprice from Saratoga has been married for 14 years, but at only 33-years-old she feels like she has her whole life ahead of her, which she does.  The problem is, her husband has accepted complacency as a way of life and seems to be stuck in a rut...

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