Boy, whenever you think you've done something meaningful in your life, you meet someone like this!  We had the pleasure of talking with Hilary Reilly at the Alexis Diner in North Greenbush recently on our Small Town Tour. What she and others are doing is doing is amazing! 

Hilary and Bill Reilly are both teachers in the area, and are part of a group trying to raise money for children in a village in Uganda. They hope to go there in June 2014.

While there, they will not only train the teachers but actually help to build the school itself.

Education is not the only concern of these kids. They also are lacking medical care and nutrition. Hillary and her group are trying to overcome that by providing them with not only food, but clean water and many other vital necessities.

Photo by Hilary Reilly

There's so much more that they are doing, but need the funds to keep this incredible project going.

You can find out how to donate through The Giving Circle website.  There is also a crowd funding site where you can help to raise money at Let's see if we can help to provide the kids in this photo with a future.

Kudos to the Reilly's for their fantastic work.

(Wow, I feel pretty darn inadequate right about now! All we do is talk into microphones-they are saving the world!)