There are conflicting reports as to whether we are in for a very cold or very mild winter. Either way, we are going to have to pay for heat. A new study from National Grid has been released and it's good news. It seems that my electric and gas bill is always so much higher in the winter, no matter what kind of season we are having. Well now, National Grid is estimating that our bills this winter may be a bit lower. According to News 10 ABC, an annual winter heating cost study was released by National Grid estimating our heat costs this coming winter will be lower.

They are saying that natural gas will go down five percent and our monthly electric bills are expected to be six to eight dollars lower than the winter of 2017. National Grid wants to remind its customers that they can take advantage of many programs offered. They include energy efficiency programs, changing furnace filters, increasing insulation and sealing frames around doors and windows. To get more tips and information, click here.

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