Even though we are heading into winter, there is a push for a local city to finally get their pools back in the upcoming summer.  There is good news for hundreds of kids in the Troy area. There was approval to fix up two pools that have been closed for the past two summers.

According to CBS 6, five million dollars has been set aside in the Troy 2019 budget to start repairs on both the Knickerbacker and the South Troy pools. For two years, neither of the pools were safe enough to allow swimmers to enjoy them. This left hundreds of kids without a place to swim.

The repair of the South Troy pool will be easier with plans to get it up and running by the summer of 2019. The Knickerbacker pool, however, needs much more work. Officials say it was originally built in the 1950s and will need to be replaced completely.

The city will use grant money and tax payer money to fund the projects.

Troy will also work on improving and developing the splash pads in the city because they are a cheaper alternative to keep residents cool.

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