If you look around the Capital Region, you may be surprised to see how much rich history is all around us. One area that interested me is the Capital Hills Golf Course right here in Albany.

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The first record of the land that The Capital Hills Golf Course is located on goes way back to the early 1700s. The land on Scotland Rd. in the Town of Bethlehem was originally farmland that was owned by the Walley Family.

The 265 acres of farmland was purchased by the City of Albany in 1930 and opened as an 18-hold golf course in 1931. When the golf course opened it was outside of the city limits in the town of Bethlehem and in 1967 the land was annexed to be included in the city limits. The Albany Municipal Golf was with the original name of the golf course until it was proudly renamed to embrace and acknowledge Albany as the capital city for the state of New York.

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The Capital Hills Golf Course is still open and operating for golfers in the Capital Region. I am not a golfer yet but who knows, I may just take up the sport. Until then I’m glad that the course is open to walkers and runners each day before golf begins.

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It’s amazing how much history we have around us if we just stop, look around us, and take the time to do a little research. I often think about how much work our ancestors had to do to enrich our environment into our modern-day world and I am amazed at the outcome.

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