The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention are warning consumers of cantaloupes.  Health officials issued a warning after numerous cases of the bacteria Listeria were reported in six states.  Four deaths are blamed on the outbreak.  The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has not recalled the melons yet.  They are still working to find the exact source.

Meanwhile, 15 people in four states have become infected with Listeria from eating cantaloupes from the Rocky Ford region of Colorado.  Other infected persons include "11 people in Colorado, two in Texas, and one person each in Nebraska and Okalahoma," according to  Listeria can cause listeriosis, which can is uncommon, but can be fatal.

Women who are pregnant, people 60-years of age or older, have a weakened immune system from transplants, certain chronic diseases or immunosuppressive therapies have the highest risk of being very sick from the outbreak of Listeria.  Pregnant women can experience a miscarriage or stillbirth if they develop Listeria.  If you're a high risk person, you should stay away from cantaloupe from the Rocky Ford growing region. 

Here is a list of symptoms caused by Listeria:

- fever

- muscle aches

- diarrhea

- headache

- stiff neck

- confusion

- convulsions

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