Dog And Cat Food Recall
We always try and protect our pets the best we can. There is a new recall for dog and cat food that may make your furry friend sick or could even lead to death.
Massive Veggie Recall
We are all busy and sometimes in our house, we buy prepackaged vegetables to save some time when making dinner. If you are like us, check your fridge, there has been a massive prepackaged veggie recall.
Caramel Apples Could Kill You
I was grocery shopping the other day with my husband and saw some delicious looking caramel apples and commented that I couldn't wait to buy one and sink my teeth into it, something I've not done in years. Now, I've changed my mind.
News from Today You Need to Know
Lots of crazy things happening in the news nationally and locally.  While some people are most worried about tainted cantaloupes others are fearing for their lives after a gunman was on the loose.
Cantaloupes Linked to Bacteria Outbreak
The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention are warning consumers of cantaloupes.  Health officials issued a warning after numerous cases of the bacteria Listeria were reported in six states.