The all-natural deodorant brand Native has just announced a new pumpkin spice latte scent.  Why?  Because people will buy it.  Can we seriously stop with all the pumpkin spice things! It's too soon and it's just not necessary.   I'll admit, I'm a wee bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to Fall.  I don't take selfies in a pumpkin patch, I don't like getting dressed up for Halloween and I've never waited in line for apple cider donuts. Clearly, I'm in the minority.

I get the point.  We love our pumpkin spiced flavors and smells. HOWEVER,  is it even desirable for your armpits to smell like your favorite latte? You already smell like a latte because you always have one on your hand .

Are basic white girls going to be taking selfies in the deodorant isle with the anti-antiperspirant? I can see the moving Boomerang pictures already, and I hate them.  Super excited chipper 28 year old girl, doing a little dance as she glides on her pumpkin spice armpit candy.

I say enough is enough.  Clearly though I'm in the minority, because some people can't get enough.


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