I waited til the last minute on this one and then had to go with the information that I had. I have to thank Jeff and Jason for sending me enough stuff to put a little ditty together for Canajoharie.

Screen Shot Canajoharie High Schooll
Google Earth

The idea was also provided on Facebook to use the song "Chatahoochie," by Alan Jackson as the jumping-off point. Let's hear the original first, in case you aren't familiar.

Now here's the "remix" for your town (Lyrics are at the bottom).

mp3 version (right click to save)

Twenty years ago down in Canajoharie
that's where the wife and I got married
actually that's a bold-faced lie
but at least it rhymed - Richie nice try
Watch where you're driving late at nite
don't get fooled by the dummy light
the real brave folks here have a ball
(jumping off)  Wintergreen park waterfall
People here in Canajoharie
they call it Canjo - that's scary
but the scariest fact that I found
is when that damn Beechnut went and left town
Redskins used to be their Mascot
Cougar is the new one that they got
School colors -black and gold
Palatine cheese is awesome I'm told  (watch out Cabot)
If you're a history buff by the way
here's a little fact about JFK
you know what I said about the dummy light
he made a speech right there, that's right


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