Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

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OK, so I have known this guy for years, we have always had a fun flirtatious relationship. There is and always has been an attraction between us. We run in the same circles and we really have become good friends. Over the years we have both been with other people and when we are dating other people we usually stop talking and going out with each other so it doesn't hurt the relationships we are in with other people. That is usually my idea.

So currently he is in a relationship and I am not, as with most times when he seems to be getting bored with his current girlfriend, he starts contacting me more, wanting to go out or just talk on the phone. We have never had sex but we have over the years messed around a bit.

So, here I am knowing I could probably take this to a new level and maybe even see if maybe we should have just have gotten together years ago, but he is in a relationship. So do I wait? My girlfriend at work says "it's not like he's married, just do it".

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