Have you seen the report online that says the sequel to "The Notebook" is going to be shot in Albany?

Well, sorry Ryan and Rachel fans... it's simply not true.

Snopes.com says that

"A sequel to The Notebook is not currently in the works and no plans have been announced to start filming in Springfield, Tucson, Des Moines, or any other city. The hoax is similar to another ruse pushed by The Mckenzie Post and sites of its ilk from February 2016, when several web sites put out dozens of articles claiming that various A-list actors were moving to small towns across the United States."

Sooooo, that means that the same gross websites that are claiming that everyone is moving to the Capital Region are probably the same sites that are giving us false hope that we'll be able to take a moonlit walk with Ryan Gosling along the Hudson.

Why do people do that!?  Get our hopes all up about something and make us click on it and share it with our friends just to be wrong!  Woof.

Well, I'm here to tell you the truth... this time it's not true.  Sorry lovers.

Photo by Jason Merritt, Getty Images
Photo by Jason Merritt, Getty Images


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