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LCJ’s Review Of Blade Runner 2049
There are some pretty interesting movies coming out this weekend, including a sci-fi film that 35 years after the original is making waves with critics and audiences alike! If you need help deciding which one to see, Lights Camera Jackson can help you out with that.
But Is ‘The Notebook 2′ Really Shooting in Albany?
Have you seen the report online that says the sequel to "The Notebook" is going to be shot in Albany?
Well, sorry Ryan and Rachel fans... it's simply not true.
Snopes.com says that
"A sequel to The Notebook is not currently in the works and no plans have been a…
12 Year Old Ryan Gosling’s Dance Recital [Watch]
This is just the right mix of adorable, cheesy, and irresistible!
Ryan Gosling grew up dancing, and we've seen videos of him with Justin Timberlake and other famous boy banders, but this is the first I've seen of him in a straight up dance recital...
Who Would You Rather?
Meryl Streep recently revealed in W Magazine that she would rather have Will Ferrell than Ryan Gosling. Now, I saw to each his own, but we want to know what you think ladies! Cast your vote below!
Home Movie
I remember all my female friends going crazy trying to get a glimpse of Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper while they were in Schenectady filming "A Place Beyond the Pines". Well now we can finally see the trailer for the movie.
6 ‘Gangster Squad’ Clips: Watch the All-Star Cast in Action
'Gangster Squad' -- featuring an all-star cast including Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Sean Penn and Josh Brolin -- hits theaters next week, and we're excited to see one of the most anticipated movies of the new year on the big screen. While Warner Bros. released a number of trailers, posters, images an…

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