There's a new kind of bar coming to the Capital Region in the West Sand Lake area but this isn't the kind of bar that you're used to and I think a lot of people will actually benefit from this.

Elissa Emery and Sarah Wehnau are now becoming business owners, according to CBS6 Albany, with their new "sober bar" concept. The bar, which will be called Unbreakable Nutrition, will be opening soon in West Sand Lake as an alternative to the conventional bars we're used to.

They say that their bar will be full of specialty cocktails but completely free of alcohol. The idea stemmed from Emery's childhood where her mother struggled with addiction as well as one of her best friends. When herr friend entered recovery, they had a hard time finding places to go where her friend felt comfortable and wasn't surrounded by temptation.

One of the drinks for example is a the “margarita” is actually a metabolism boosting tea, that helps you burn 100 calories per cup and a chocolate chip cookie dough concoction that has 22 grams of a plant based protein. They opened their doors yesterday and will be hosting a "Sober Paint and Sip" on August 31st.

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