The Schenectady filming of a Hollywood movie has almost begun.  Movie star Bradley Cooperwas spotted yesterday.  Cooper was seen in the crowd at the city police department’s swearing-in ceremony in the morning, at the City hall's rotunda.  Cooper has been shadowing Schenectady police officers for the last few days.  He apparently is trying to study up for his upcoming role in, "The Place Beyond the Pines." 

Not much information about the movie and what roles each actor starring in the movie will portray.  One could probably assume Cooper will be playing some sort of law enforcement officer.  The movie is about two brothers living in a city.  There has also been rumors circulating about the movie that police chase and robbery takes place as part of the plot.   Therefore, we could see many view of Schenectady caught on camera in the movie.

"Hitch" Premiere

Other stars that will soon be spotted in the city will be Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, and Ray Liotta.   Gosling was in "The Notebook," if you aren't sure who he is.  Mendes starred along side Will Smith in "Hitch," and Ray Liotta played Henry Hill in the movie "Goodfellas."

Bradley Cooper didn't do much of a job disguising himself at the ceremony yesterday.  No shades and no hat were worn.  However, he did try to blend in to the crowd so he didn't take the attention off the officers and their big day.  Had you been in Schenectady yesterday, do you think you would have recognized Cooper?  Do you think you'd recognize any of the stars if you were walking around one summer day and bumped in Ryan Gosling or Eva Mendes?

Filming has not begun quite yet, but producers have been scoping out places and spots to shoot certian scenes for the movie.

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