Honestly, this story is just as crazy as the headline makes it out to be but thank you, Beth for somehow trying to save our local tulips.

Socialite Michele Riggi of Saratoga has been looking for two young women who ripped tulips from her yard, according to the Times Union. Luckily, she may have found the driver of a car, thanks to a very surprising source - Beth Chapman.

Beth you may recognize from the show "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" where she and her husband would look for fugitives all over the country. Beth ran the Idaho state license plate from the car that allegedly left the scene on Sunday. Riggi's niece caught the theft on camera of young women taking the tulips from the yard and laughing as they got in their car to drive away.

Chapman found the name of the owner and posted it, along with the image of the car to Facebook and said "Let the shaming begin." Now, the car owner's Facebook page is hidden. Riggi assumes the kids are from Skidmore and plans to press charges. Apparently, her lawn jockey also disappeared and she wonders if the same people are to blame for that.

According to Riggi's Facebook page:

Caught red-handed!!!!! but took off..... this car and two girls ...one girl driving and one girl pulled out tulips from my flower bed around the lamppost tonight at 8:15 if anyone knows who this is please call the cops! I filed a report Of course they ran the plate and couldn’t find it it’s an out-of-state plate from Idaho the girls headed towards Skidmore.The cops just left my house I filed a report they’re going to look for the car!The girl that pulled out the tulips was Asian.If we all work together maybe we can find them along with my lawn jockey. I just got off the phone with Skidmore security and filed a report with them,they are going to look for this vehicle!

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