I'm stuck on this subject because it really was an exciting event for me at Schenectady County's Hazardous Collection Day  (I don't get out much).

While I was in the car waiting in line to rid of my hazardous materials, I took out my trusty iPhone, opened up my notes app and got to work. I was motivated by the materials handed out by the S.I. Group on what's considered safe and what's considered a hazard to have around the house.

Here's the little dumb ditty for you.  The lyrics are below the video.  (If you want more information about Hazardous Waste Collection Day, I did another blog about the topic.


It was Hazardous Waste Collection Day 

(to throw you)r stuff in the woods  is not Ok
you need to get a permit and you have to pay
it costs you 20 damn bucks to throw it away
(I took my) old paint cans florescent tubes
.. shlepped em all down to keller avenue
they even had a little bitty traffic jam
at the Public Works facility in Rotterdam 
But as usual I made a little bitty mistake
there were things in my I wasn't supposed to take
Motor Oil, anti freeze couple of leaky batteries
a computer that I had to replace
aerosol cans they're leaking -- damn
thank the lord I didn't have medical waste
I was so mad I actually smacked my head
I had to pull the crap back in my shed
you can't go in there even if you beg
take one whig and you'll grow third leg
Behind a locked door it's all gonna stay
 I have to wait for the next collection day