Here he goes again, folks!  He's a marketing genius!  He's on Jay Leno's last show, he did a fantastic TV special recently, and now he's selling out Ireland, according to the Independent Better get caught up on the great Garth songs because he's on everyone's lips! 

Garth Brooks I can honestly say put on one of the greatest concerts I have ever seen in my life.  He came here in the late 90's, and I never forgot how amazingly engaging he was with the audience.  People freeking LOVE him!

Here are some songs you should get familiar with (or reacquaint yourself with)

If Tomorrow Never Comes! 

The Thunder Rolls! 

The Dance 

That Summer 

In Another's Eyes 

(I'm not even going to include "Friends In Low Places". I don't want to insult your intelligence! )

I would say if you get to know these five Garth classics, you could pass the Garth Brooks 101 test and not be completely clueless at the next Garth Brooks concert, should he come to this area.  And by the looks of it, he very well could! (I love to spread rumors! )