Say it ain't so! A Capital Region favorite has closed its last local eatery.

We hate to see any local business close-up shop for good. And that certainly applies to what has been a Capital Region Mexican cuisine institution for the last 25+ years.

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Google Maps Streetview

Bomber's Burrito Bar has been operating for over 25 years and recently has been slowly closing some of their local eateries. We learned back in January they were closing their downtown Schenectady location, but it looked like some of the other restaurants would survive. Their lunch spots eventually closed as well, and now the last Bomber's in operation is closing too.

Bomber's Burrito Bar In Albany Closes For Good

According to a Times Union story, the last Bomber's location on Lark Street shut its doors for good this past Sunday. Owner Jimmy Van told the Times Union along with sagging sales the high cost of food, along with slower lunch and late night foot traffic, all contributed to his decision to end the eatery's 25+ year run in the Capital Region.

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