Blake Shelton was everything last night.

I may have been backstage, possibly in an area I wasn't supposed to be at one point, I met Blake Shelton and had a blast!The summer was filled with so many amazing country concerts but honestly, if I was awaiting any of them, it was really to get through the summer to get to the one and only Blake Shelton.

There were a few things I wanted from this night: I needed to witness the finger point he's made so famous on "The Voice," I needed to see him lift a cup with what we all know is alcohol within said cup, I needed hit after hit and I just needed all the sexy that is Mr. Blake Shelton.

I got all of the things. All of 'em. And then some!

First of all, the evening started with a meet 'n' greet. I obviously love the opportunity to meet whomever is coming through town but I really wanted to make sure my parents were able to get into this one. Turns out, we were all able to get in and I've never seen a more excited expression on my mom's face.

Marissa & Family with Blake Shelton, courtesy of Marissa

Throughout all of this, all I kept thinking was, "Man, that large diet coke from Wendy's wasn't the smartest idea before waiting in a long line." So, after I asked where a bathroom may be and next thing I knew, I was alone wandering around backstage...

All of the magic really started happening around 7:30 p.m. when RaeLynn opened the show and was cute as a button.

RaeLynn at TU Center courtesy of Marissa

Then Blake took the stage and was incredible! Relive it with me, here's a video and some pictures!

Blake Shelton at TU Center courtesy of Marissa
Blake Shelton at TU Center courtesy of Marissa
Blake Shelton at TU Center courtesy of Marissa