It is not unusual for me to wake up in the morning and see an unusual or spirited tweets from Blake Shelton, this morning however was a little more intense. Blake lost one of his team members last night on NBC's "The Voice". When a music critic out of Texas tweeted a comment about it, Blake when on the attack.

Holly Tucker, Facebook

Holly Tucker a native of Texas was the one who was sent home last night on "The Voice". I personally think that at this point in the show all the contestants who have made it this far, and worked as hard as they have should be proud of their accomplishment. I would also say that unfortunately, when fame is a product of your dreams you also have to grow a very thick skin and learn to ignore any criticism that is not meant to be constructive.

To be fair, do I think this was a nice tweet? No. I wonder though if it is one of those "consider the source" things that really you should just blow off as unimportant. Blake Shelton, who I truly believes cares about these contestants, did NOT blow this tweet off , he actually blew up.

Blake Sheton, Facebook


I will leave that up to you all to decide, I will say this though, in total agreement with Blake, the internet can be a very dark and ugly place where people can tear down total strangers with no real reason. It's sad that that part of human nature wins out with some people.