As more information is gradually coming from the commuter train derailment that occurred Sunday morning en route to Grand Central Station, in New York City, investigators will be able to put the pieces together more easily now.  They have retrieved the two black boxes from the train in which four people were killed while another 67 were injured when the train derailed.

The black boxes (or event data recorders) are said to be in good condition and will give investigators an understanding of what mechanically happened or what may have contributed to the incident.

Andrew Burton, Getty Images.

According to a member of the National Transportation Safety Board, investigators should know some time today just how fast the train was going and whether brakes were applied.  The recorders will also be able to tell if the brakes did not work.  Investigators will also be looking at the conditions of the train tracks which could also have been a contributing factor, though the track did not appear to be faulty upon early examination.

As of Sunday, Governor Cuomo had stated that eleven of the injured persons were in critical condition at nearby hospitals, but could possibly be moving to stable condition.  Meanwhile, the track is out of commission for the next few days as investigators continue to examine the wreckage.

Christopher Gregory, Getty Images.