Now THIS is a great school.  Actually, they're ALL great schools to be honest.  The Albany Area is chock full of them.  I should know, I've probably visited all of them at least once.Birchwood Elementary in Niskayuna  is especially near and dear to my heart because my son is a former student. He had a fantastic experience there.  So did I when I visited the class.  I actually visited 2 groups, Ms. Castren's and Mr. Parisi's.   One classrom  wrote the song, and the other recorded their very own Pledges of Allegience (is that correct English? - Maybe a teacher there will grade this article.

rrr Birchwood class shot best
photo by Richie Phillips

Here's what these expert rhymers came up with: a great little anti bullying jingle.

 Lyrics below - Sing along! 

rrr Birchwood Bullying song lyrics
photo by Richie Phillips

Short and sweet.  Great job kids.  Please make sure you "like"  and tell them so in the comment section below (Have you heard about the secret Hannaford contest?)

They also were kind enough to let me invade another classroom to record kids saying the Pledge of Allegience so we can use them for our 6AM Salute every morning.  You can hear them of course by tuning in to 1077 'GNA.  I would turn it on around 5:50am and leaving it on so you don't miss it.   There will be a future post where you can hear reruns of that as well

If you'd like to hear other examples of school songs, feel free to click here.

Special thanks to our continued sponsor of the program:  Hannaford Supermarkets, founders of the Guiding Stars Nutrition Program



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