Love Cowboy Waxes Poetic About Lame Boyfriend
Kara in Galway writes:
I'm 34, my boyfriend is 26. And I really don't need much. I'm a simple girl but on the rare occasion I ask for flowers or quality time from my live in boyfriend, he can’t seem to do this yet claims he loves me.
He says flowers are for old married couples and that he'd spend more…
Local Poker Pro in Mexico Battling Covid
A local professional poker player and third generation family member of the popular Ted's Fish Fry restaurants in the Capital Region sent out a series of somewhat concerning tweets in the early hours of the day on Monday morning.  Shaun Deeb, 34 from Troy, a regular at the poker table for years at R…
Win Up To $10,000 With GNA's Cash Cow
We have a chance to define a new normal, and that means making things better than the way they were before. That's why when we give you a chance to Win Cash from us, we're doing it better than ever by giving you 10 chances each day to win, beginning Monday, September 28.
Love Cowboy: Sometimes the 'Tooth' Hurts
Riley in Colonie writes
I really don't know any other way to say it- the guy my friends are trying to set me up with has really bad teeth.  It's not like I'm some model or anything, and I'm far from picky, but it's a little too much to overcome. I don't know how to tell them- especially because it's …
Grown Men Wearing NFL Jerseys? Love Cowboy Weighs in [AUDIO]
The Love Cowboy comes on with Brian and Chrissy each weekday morning to help out a listener with relationship advice. He covers all sorts of topics and dilemmas whether it's a family disagreement, or between a husband and wife, boyfriend girlfriend, and even quarrels amongst friends.
Halloween Yard Inflatables [Gallery]
It's time to start decorating for Halloween. If you are looking for some different ideas to display on your lawn this Halloween, take a look at a few of them I found online. Depending on if you want to go super scary or kid-friendly, there is something for everyone.

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