We can all use a little extra cash, especially during this pandemic. Did you know that there are billions of dollars in unclaimed New York funds waiting to be given to its rightful owner? Here's how to find out if you have some money coming to you. According to WIVB.com, state officials have over sixteen billion dollars that they are trying to give back to those who have it coming to them. You have probably heard of it before or someone has told you that your name is on the list. It is called unclaimed funds and it's easy to find out if you are owed some cash. Some people have gotten thousands back and others a few bucks. But this year, I think you will agree that every lit bit can help.

A few years ago someone told me that my name appeared on the unclaimed funds' website and when I filled out the form, I received a check for a couple of hundred dollars. Turns out, I had funds in an account that I didn't know I still had. I recently got an email from someone who periodically checks the unclaimed funds' site and let me know that my late father's name was on the list.

At this point, what's the risk? If you have a couple of minutes, you might as well give it a shot. The unclaimed funds can be anything from an old bank account, tax refund, or unclaimed property. The money belongs to businesses, non-profits, and private citizens.

To see if you have any money sitting in the sixteen billion dollars unclaimed New York state account, click HERE. Search other family names too. There could be funds under maiden names and cousin's names. If you aren't getting money back, you may be able to make someone else's day telling them that their name is there.

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