There're so many schools struggling right now to stay afloat.  I happen to have visited the school just within the past several weeks. They are looking for your donations to keep it going and have posted a video about it that I thought was important to share

Screen Shot Bethlehem children's school sign

Bethlehem Children's School is an independent school doing some very inventive things.  It's multi-age, and you get so much more attention than from a traditional classroom.  The kids actually help to drive the curriculum, so they stay more connected and interested.

I'm sure they're learning lessons in finances right now as well, because this little school is struggling big time. They will find it very tough continue without contributions, and that's where you can come in.  Here's a video that they put up on YouTube

There is also more information at

I had the unique opportunity to visit the school myself for the Reading, Writing and Writing Tour at the invitation of Debbie Dragon, and I was so incredibly impressed with it.  We'd love it if you could spread the word and give what you can!

bethlehem children's school Ralph Fahnestock
Director Ralph Fahnestock from YouTube

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