There is a beautiful bug that the DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) wants you to keep a lookout for. It could compromise New York state fruit trees and other vegetation.  The DEC wants New Yorkers to keep their eyes open for the spotted lanternfly. It is a bug that was first found in Pennsylvania in 2014 and one one was seen in New York in 2017. This colorful bug may look beautiful, but it can do some major damage to many industries in New York state.

According to News 10, state officials say the insects feed off of maple trees, apple trees, grapes and even hops. They also leave a sticky "honeydew" like substance that hinders the fruit on the tree to grow.

The DEC wants you to report sightings of the spotted lanternfly. Click here to get more information and to send a message and photos to the DEC. If you do see this insect, please note where you found it, if it laid eggs or infested trees.

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